Seattle Gamers

Blaze & Nether Wart Farm

Blaze Farm
  • Use the button to select loading mode and wait until 90 or more entities are loaded
  • Use the button again to crush the blaze
  • Punch Blaze when the Punch Blaze light is illuminated
  • After the all Blazed have been cleared, Use the button to re-load the Blaze chamber
Public Storage
  • Remove any of the "unclamied" signs and attach it to the chest next to it to claim it for your personal usage
Nether Wart Farm
  • Please re-plant after harvesting
Additional Amenities
  • Max Power Enchantment Table
  • Repair Anvil
  • Brewing Room with Water Bottle dispensers
  • Two Forge Banks
  • Ender Chest

Blaze Farm 1 Blaze Farm 2 Blaze Farm 3 Blaze Farm 4 Blaze Farm 5 Blaze Farm 6

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